Sunday, September 23, 2012

No More Gritty, Chewy MESS!

I want to yell it out ot the rooftops, "We bought a VITAMIX!!!!" I've been wanting to add green smoothies to our diet, but every time I made one the kids would turn up their noses and make gagging sounds. I couldn't really blame them, after all my poor little Ninja is just not equipped to pulverize carrots, spinach, kale and such and each mouthful of these "smoothies" was like bitter gravel on the tongue.

Well.. not anymore!

We went to Costco, with my husband- he likes Costco, probably for the samples on every aisle- and my two youngest. Vitamix was having a demo. There, Chad, made us smoothie after smoothie plus an "ice cream" that were fantastic. So fantastic, in fact, that 2 other kids came running (yes, they were actually RUNNING) up to grab some smoothies. Found out the mom has had a vitamix for 2yrs now and her kids love smoothies- green as well as other colors, she even takes it on vacations with them to save money when at a hotel. I thought this idea was genius and may even help enable us to make it to Disneyland this year. I'm standing there learning about the hps and speed and timer and such and Hubster is watching the kids. Watching them devour these smoothies. These smoothies that have spinach, broccoli, kale, celery, tomato in them and he was sold. We decided to invest in our health and put it on our credit card. We've got the machine (the red one) on our cart when we realize that Costco doesn't take Visa and we don't have a MC. So we got back to the guy, Chad, he understands and gives us his card. He probably thinks he lost us, that we'll go home and decide we can't afford a $499 blender. Well he was wrong,,,it just increased our anticipation and frustration that we couldn't get it that day. But we do call, and that very same day even, boy do i want that damn blender! Hubster talks to Chads' wife and there is a refurbished one that she can sell to us for $329! Well hell yeah! Plus free shipping- they refurbish the motor and casing and put a new container on it. And it still has a warranty and excellent customer service

I will make cold, frothy, healthy, lovely green beverages that the kids will adore...hopefully. I can also make flours which will save us enourmous amounts of money as brown rice is very cheap, but brown rice FLOUR costs much more. Same with flax, quinoa and many more- which was another selling point for my husband. just needs to get here already! Come on monday!

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