Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Holding them tighter....

It's never an easy thing to lose someone in your life. I haven't had very much experience with it, thankfully. Today I found out that a friend from my past died yesterday. We went to High School together and were pretty good friends....even tried to date once or twice but we just didn't fit that way. He was an artist, an athlete and just an all-around good guy...and very, very TALL. At 6'8", that was the first thing you noticed about him and he probably answered the basketball questions a million times in his life, to which the answer was yes. I haven't seen him in years, nothing more than a few facebook messages, but my heart aches today. He is the first of my friends to leave us, the first of my peers.....not even 40 years old. So today, I held my children a little tighter, a little longer because sometimes there is only today.

Rest in peace Steven Kilgo. You are already missed.

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